What we do

DTC is a political consultancy based in Washington state specializing in strategic communications and narrative messaging. Our success lies in a combination of insightful political strategy, smart narrative positioning, and superior execution. 

We’re not in the business of securing contracts. We don’t just sit in meetings and say smart stuff. We make things that work in the real word. We solve complex problems, produce high-quality deliverables, and lead rigorous project planning that works for the whole team.

What we can do together:

Strategic partnership.

Align our values to political reality with winning plans tailored to the moment.

Messaging development.

Compel people to action with narratives that matter and are supported by research.

Story shaping.

Tell well-made stories and bring ideas to where people share theirs.

Earned media.

Shape the public narrative by making persuasive arguments to journalists and editors.


Address people—from Election nights to bill signings—with the intelligence and care they deserve.

Media training.

Nail the interview, press conference, or editorial board meeting with fun and thorough preparation.

Brand strategy.

Develop unique, consistent, and eye-catching brands that make people want to pick you.

Project planning.

Fit all the parts of your strategy together, capture momentum, and bring your people along.

Recent work.

Coalition Communications, Messaging Development, and Earned Media

Balance Our Tax Code (2021)

Digital Content and Strategy

Washington Community Alliance (2021)

Digital Launch, Communications Plan, and Narrative Development

Reckoning Trade Project (2021)

Narrative Development, Media Training, and Strategy

Community for Kirsten (2020)

Internal Communications Infrastructure and Narrative Strategy

King County Equity Now (2020)