Who we are

At our firm, we bring together lived experience with a broad range of professional expertise across industries and issue areas. From Yakima to Seattle, Spokane to Vancouver, we’ve organized in communities all over Washington and shaped the progressive narrative that frames the biggest challenges we face today. 

We know that making structural change starts right now with our people and partners. 

We believe our values should be reflected in the arguments we make and the way we do our work. 

We work with coalitions, campaigns, and organizations whose causes are connected to community and committed to making a just world.

Dujie Tahat | CEO/Managing Director

Dujie (he/they) is a political and cultural strategist with deep experience across emerging and established non-profit advocacy organizations, legislative and electoral campaigns, and Fortune 500 companies. They’ve developed countless strategic messaging and narrative guides that center Black, Indigenous, and people of color, immigrants, queer folks, elderly Washingtonians, and those experiencing homelessness across a range of issues from environmental justice to housing to labor rights. Informed by their background organizing in the Yakima Valley then among artists and social justice advocates in and around Seattle, Dujie has built a career ensuring people at the margins are pulled to the forefront of political power building, organizational priorities, and communications strategies. 

Kelsey Hamlin | Principal Consultant

Kelsey (she/her) is a communicator, organizer, and researcher who worked for four years as a journalist across the Puget Sound before switching over to nonprofit and campaign work. Much of her skillset centers writing, strategic messaging, design, and politics. She has both covered the Legislature and worked to advance policies through it, coordinating with legislators and lobbyists, gathering data and research, and organizing testimony across coalitions that position proposals for the best success as conditions change. Kelsey’s personal advocacy, chosen journalistic coverage, and work focus on social justice and the moments, legalities, and policies that touch people’s everyday lives. She treasures keeping things accessible to all in spite of deliberately convoluted and racist systems.

Margot spindola | Associate Consultant

Margot (she/ella) is a Latina organizer and multiracial democracy advocate hailing from Eastern Washington with deep roots in community organizing, spearheading issue campaigns, and advancing policies that secure wins to communities of color across the state. Margot led over 30 statewide Latino-led organizations in unprecedented Census work to make sure underrepresented groups got counted, and continued the fight in leading the strategy and campaign for Redistricting Justice for Washington. She works to ensure that our legislators are held accountable to all Washingtonians and we can live in a world where politics work for everyone.

Simmy Kumar | Operations & Systems Specialist

Simmy Kumar (she/her) brings a decade of experience in the nonprofit sector. Having spent her career in fundraising, operations, and program management, Simmy is most passionate about cultivating relationships and developing systems and processes. These two skills recognize how a small part contributes to a whole- how our work is interconnected. Simmy is devoted to supporting leadership and self-determination, specifically within communities of color, to amplify the stories of resilience and liberation that drive us forward. Simmy earned her BA from Franklin University Switzerland and an MPA from Rutgers University in New Jersey with a focus in community development.